Sheep Herding!

These autumn days, hard to describe unless you´re there. On a sheep farm everything is about sheep! But there is more to it. It is a special feeling preparing sheep herding and round-up, even though it is similar year after year. There is excitment in the air, people; friends and family join the farmers to help and take part. Farmers meet, plan and prepare. The air is clearer, the autumn air has a special refreshing feeling, but the farmer hopes the wheather won´t be to aggressive for the herders. They have long, hard days ahead, trying to bring back home all the sheep from the mountains, the wild Icelandic sheep, that has been roaming free in the mountains from spring.

If you´re in Iceland in autumn, try to find a sheep farm and experience this extraordinary Icelandic family event - be a real part of Iceland. It is so worth it.