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Welcome to our farm

The Bjarteyjarsandur farm is owned and operated by three different families, all specializing in their different fields; i.e. farming, tourism, education, food processing, and machine work. The farm is situated in a beautiful by the fjord with a lovely seashore. The same family has lived in Bjarteyjarsandur since 1887.

Accommodation Farm visits

The farm shop is open daily from the 1st of May to the 31st of August between 11:00 and 16:00.

It is possible to book farm visits, meals, and other services from the 1st of September to the 30th of April given 2 days’ notice.

Please note, that May is an extremely busy time at the farm due to lambing season. During that period it is necessary to book a Farm visit/Hug a lamb tour in advance.



At Bjarteyjarsandur you can rent fully equipped cottages with two to three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a ”hot pot”, and a barbecue on the patio. The cottages are located on the mountain above the farm, and they have a beautiful view. There are several good hiking trails in the neighbourhood and guided tours are available for groups or individuals.

The cottages are rented out on a weekly and/or daily basis.

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Bjarteyjarsandur offers a homey, friendly, and quiet atmosphere at our campsite, which is located below the farm houses. It is an ideal place for hikers, bikers, and families alike. Campers have the option to cook their own meal, or buy local food from the farm. Using the shower, bathrooms, and Wi-Fi, is included in the price.

Guests can take a short walk to the seashore in the evening sun or morning breeze, which we highly recommend! The beach has a very relaxing atmosphere for walks, and if you ask the locals, they may let you use their ‘Hot Pot,’ (summer time only) which is one of Iceland’s best kept secrets.

The campsite is open year-round and the prices are:
For adults: 1.500 ISK
For kids 14 and under: 750 ISK
Electricity: 1.000 ISK per day/night

A guest´s review:                                                                         
"We fell so in love with this place! After a long day of driving and our last day of camping, we drove the most beautiful scenic road and came across this lovely campground. It only got better as we realized what we had stumbled on: the most lovely people, friendly dogs, smells of good food cooking, a phenomenal view, goats that mingle with the campers (and snag a chair if they are lucky), and a shower, which was so magical after days on the road. We slept the best sleep after staying up and soaking in all that was around. I wish we found this place sooner, as I could have spent days here. Thank you for the hospitality!!!"

Sleeping Bag Accommodation / The Old Farmhouse

Bjarteyjarsandur farm has an old farm house, built in 1930, in which you can stay in if you are looking for sleeping-bag accommodation. There are 2 rooms available on the second floor of the house, one family room with a double bed and two single beds, and the other room is very small with 2 single beds. There is a self-catering kitchen on the ground floor, as well as a small bathroom/WC. The shower is located in the service building next door, which also facilitates the Farmhouse Restaurant and gift shop. The service building also offers TV and Wi-Fi.

Family Room: 12.000 ISK (sleeping bag accommodation). Bed linen: 1.500 ISK per bed.
Small Room: 6.000 ISK (sleeping bag accommodation). Bed linen: 1.500 ISK per bed.
Both rooms: 16.000 ISK (sleeping bag accommodation).

The Bjarteyjarsandur farm offers:

  • Playground for kids

  • Farm animals and visits to the sheep house (upon request)

  • Hiking trail towards the seashore

  • Information about the local area

  • Natural “Hot Pot” by the sea during the summer time


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For further information or booking send us an email or give us a call at: +354 433 8831 / +354 891 6626.


Bjarteyjarsandur is a family-run farm, home to Icelandic sheep, horses, free-range hens and pigs, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, and more. The farm welcomes tourists and has a gift shop with handmade goods produced from; Icelandic wool, wood, glass, clay, and more. The shop also offers various foods direct from the farm. The farmers’ shop is open daily from May to September and at other times of the year upon request.

Farm visit & local treat

When visiting Bjarteyjarsandur sheep farm you can meet the locals and experience Icelandic country life first hand. We house many animals including; sheep, horses, free range chickens and pigs, goats, rabbits, dogs, and cats. A farm visit to Bjarteyjarsandur includes a homemade treat from the farm´s kitchen.

Price: 4.500 ISK per person (half price for children). Available for groups and individuals (lower price for groups of 20 and more).                

Included: A warm welcome and educational video/presentation from the farmers, an accompanied tour around the farm, and a local meal. Bjarteyjarsandur also offers a farm shop, camping, cottages, and a B&B.

Guided tours

Hvalfjordur is an area with an abundance of hiking trails and possibilities. Whether you are looking for a short relaxing walk or a long and challenging hike, Hvalfjordur has something to offer. The nearby fjord has a rich history and offers a beautiful view of the local nature, geology, and cultural monuments. Bjarteyjarsandur is a tour operator, offering guided tours around the fjord with a designated Geographer in charge of guiding and organizing tours.

Some short hikes (1-2 hours) available are: Botnsdalur Valley and Washing Cave, The old Bláskeggur bridge, Shoreline walks, Paradise waterfall, Svínadalur forest, Rhyolitic mines, and more.

Available for groups and individuals. Booking requirements: One day notice.

Glymur waterfall hike (May-September)

Glymur waterfall, with a height of 198 m, is the highest cascade in Iceland. It is situated at the rear end of Hvalfjordur, in a beautiful valley surrounded with volcanoes and forested area. The river runs from Hvalvatn Lake and after a short distance the water falls down alongside the volcano Hvalfell into a steep canyon with green moss and arctic fulmar and other birds. Glymur hike is an adventurous hike and not a very easy one, but it is worth it! It takes up to 3,5 hours depending on the speed and the route. The Glymur hike is a weather dependent activity.

The hike is available for groups and individuals. Booking requirements: One day notice.

Price: Minimum 30.000 ISK for the tour (or offers made).

Seasonal activities

Wild mussel picking runs from January until April and from November to December. During these times, you can join us on this educational adventure. An environmental specialist will guide you to the shore where they will tell you all about the surrounding wildlife. You will get to pick your own mussels by the picturesque shore, participate in cooking them, and have a feast of delicious mussels fresh from picking. The mussels will be served with fresh homemade bread and white wine, a perfect end to a great afternoon.

Price: 6.000 ISK per person (half price for children).

Included: Guided tour, and a meal including: fresh mussels, homemade bread, and your choice of either a glass of white wine or soda.

Wool workshop is available during March and November when the sheep are sheared. The Bjarteyjarsandur Sheep Farm keeps approximately 600 winterfed sheep (the sheep are released into the mountains during the summer to live freely and rounded up again in the autumn). You will be visiting the sheep house where you will see the shearing the take place. The experience will be very hands on, for as you learn all about Icelandic wool, you will be combing, spinning, washing, and knitting the wool yourself. Your choice of a lunch or dinner is also included in the price.

Price: 5.000 ISK per person (half price for children).

Taking care of the Common Eider Duck (June). The Þyrilsnes peninsula is a bird sanctuary in Hvalfjordur filled with many birds species including the Common Eider Duck. Due to the amount of birds present in the area, an environmental specialist takes special care of the area during the birds’ nesting season in the spring. The 400+ Common Eiders that nest in the area every year are protected due to the value of the Eider down. The Eiders use down to insulate their nests, which farmers then collect with care as to not harm the eggs. You may book a tour to the sanctuary to learn more about these birds in a fun and hands on way. The tour is available for groups and individuals and requires a booking 24 hours in advance. 

Price from: 20.000 ISK for the tour.

Note: Since you will be entering a protected area, the number of participants allowed is limited.

Seasonal visits

There are always things happening at Bjarteyjarsandur, but the activities vary from season to season. Some activities include; the hug a lamb in May, sheep herding and round up in September, food festivals like Thorrablot, the Glymur waterfall hike, Christmas celebration, Northern light midnight stop, and more. 

In cooperation with Touch Iceland, we offer guided day tours of; West Iceland, The Golden Circle, Thingvellir National Park, Landmannalaugar, and the surrounding area.

Educational tours

Bjarteyjarsandur is an educational farm that welcomes groups for educational tours that offer a hands-on experience of farm life in Iceland. The tour focuses on: agriculture, being environmentally friendly, sustainable development, nature interpretation, and history. The tour can be available as a 1 to 3 day program with accommodations available.

Price: Offers made.

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