A lot of snow!

Winter wonderland, Iceland

The weather has been a little crazy the past few days or weeks! A lot of snow, and some snowstorms too, so it is better to be careful and read the weather news carefully - also look for the newest information on conditions on the roads.

Sheep Herding!

These autumn days, hard to describe unless you´re there. On a sheep farm everything is about sheep! But there is more to it. It is a special feeling preparing sheep herding and round-up, even though it is similar year after year.

Opening hours in May

Dear Guests!

Bjarteyjarsandur campground is open all year round, with good facilities, shower, kitchen, electricity, hiking trails, wifi and sleeping bag accommodation. And now we´ve opened our coffee house, so you can drop by for a delicious cup of coffee and kleina!

Farm Food Direct

Bjarteyjarsandur Farm Food Direct

Autumn is here, sheep gathering´s finished and we´re starting the fire! Today we went with 300 delicious lamb sausages to our smokehouse and there they´ll stay the next few days. It smells a little bit like christmas, since the smoked meat is a part of Christmas in Iceland.

From a friend

This pictue we received today from a friend from the Netherlands, staying at our campside. Like many of our guests, he went to an evening walk to the sea shore, and often our dogs (and even lambs, goose and goats) follow as well!

Hay making season

Hay making

Hey! It´s summer, it´s warm, it´s daylight 24 hours! This is Iceland. And we love it ;-) These days sheep farmers in Iceland are working on their hayfields. Cutting grass, drying it and baling it – maybe you´ve noticed the giant marshmallows all around?

Our little secret!

This picture is taken from our rocky hot pot (we call it "The rock Pot") – a magical place by the sea shore. It is undescribable to go there in the calm summer night, enjoying the view and the evening stillness.