Today we count sheep embryos!

Today, 19th of February we have twofold reason to celebrate at Bjarteyjarsandur Farm in Hvalfjordur. 

First, we´ll count sheep embryos! You might be surprized, but farmers use modern technology to predict the number of lambs being born in may. By using ultrasound it is possible to count the sheeps embryos. There are around 600 sheep at Bjarteyjarsandur, so it will be a busy day! After lunc, we´ll start counting and it will last for about 3 hours. Just send us a text if you like to help around or just visit the farm to experience this grate science and talk to locals :)

Secondly, we´ll celebrate womans day in Iceland, an old tradition at least from the early 18th century. All gentlemen make this day special in one way or another for their womens ;)

Coffee will be served at Bjarteyjarsandur farm in the afternoon and you can order at: or by phone: +354 433 8831 / +354 891 6626.

At Bjarteyjarsandur farm you can also find a little handcraft gallerie which will be opened during the day.

Hope to see you :)



Bjarteyjarsandur Sheep Farm in Iceland